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CHAT integration

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in thousands of websites with hundreds of thousands of chatters in our chat network -OR- keep your chat completely private, in both cases seamlessly integrated with your website.

Completely authenticated chat entry, chat can be loaded only and only on your website.

Acvilla-Chat is the best chat hosting service designed for website communities from the smallest personal websites to the huge megasites who desire to provide their members and visitors with a superb chat experience.

Implemented as a Web 2.0 application and hosted on our servers,
Acvilla-Chat delivers fast and reliable chat solution to your website without heavy load on your server, without worries about bandwidth and with no system level administration needs on your end.

You do not have to be a computer programmer or system administrator to implement professional chat.
Acvilla-Chat installs in minutes, requires no coding on your part and your chat rooms can be up and running TODAY!

Acvilla-Chat is the perfect solution for general community chatting, online moderated interviews or teaching sessions, customer support or any other use you might need, whether you need to communicate with a single person or hundreds.

Have it now .. €115 per year